My little world's been in a bit of upheaval as of late, as I'm getting ready for a move, looking for a new job, getting ready to open a show, and starting a new writing project. 

The final part is very exciting to me, as I discovered this online workshop through Scriptworks, (a terrific support group for Texas writers) at the perfect time.  And having just finished one project, I had a bunch of ideas flitting in and out of my head, none of them hanging around long enough for me to grab onto them and make something out of them.  So I'm hoping this five week workshop will inspire me and get a first draft out of me, as is the goal.  It started Friday and I dove right in, am journaling, watching the video links, doing the homework, but am finding myself conflicted over the constraints of the assignment, and their seeming flexibility.  But, in the vein of something I said recently about the merits of sticking with a project or idea to its finish as long as it contains enough "heat", I'm going to go ahead and start the first ten pages of it tonight and see what happens. If it sucks or I can't think of where it's going??  Maybe then I'll reconsider.

In the meantime, I move in 8 days!!!!  I haven't been prepping like I should, have found myself very unmotivated since I was let go from my job (long story, but believe me, pride will force me to elaborate) but I'm so excited about my future roommate and the fun times we will have, so I allowed that to spur me on and I started the packing process.  It's hard to ignore the inevitability of something when the evidence of it is staring you in the face.

That's all for the moment, as I'm racing off to see Man of Steel!
Joe Hartman