Brand New Day

Well, the big chunk of time I thought I was going to have to work and write and laugh and live, vanished rather quickly.  I moved, started a nine to five, started the writing workshop and began intense rehearsals for the upcoming "Zeus in Therapy" debuting at the Long Center in mid-August.  All of this has made it a little difficult to get back to the blog, but never fear!  I have not forgotten you. 
All of this activity has left me longing for a recharge, and as I've been listening to "The Wiz" soundtrack a lot lately, I thought I'd share my recharging song with you.  Incidentally, if you've never hear the Broadway soundtrack I highly recommend it (but do try to avoid the movie version, or at least don't look at the woefully miscast Diana Ross as some jittery neurotic "20"-something who's afraid to go out into the world).  It is the movie version of the song I'm sharing, but luckily, Miss Ross' appearance is minimal.  Enjoy!   
Joe Hartman