Stultifying.  The summer heat in New York City is stultifying.  It beats on you from above in the walk to and from work, it bounces off from the concrete towers all around, it radiates in stinking waves from the grates in the street.  It leaves you, after ten minutes of walking with strange and oddly placed splotches on your withered business shirt, and you smell as if you just mowed the lawn without the fresh grass aroma to cut the sweat.  And humid!!!  Like a floating soup.

About a month ago I gave up and put the window unit in.  There was really no reason not to other than my "Old Man Johnson" attitude of thinking I could beat the heat, be stronger willed than a fucking force of nature.  And if I could?  Where's the real victory?  The fifty dollars a month it saves me in electrical bills?  I'll pay.  You win heat.  You fucking win.

The good thing about the heat is that when it's this hot, nothing refreshes like a nice Mint Julep, which makes me imagine myself as a gracious lady in a floppy yellow sun hat as I sit on the porch and fan myself idly.  Or lemonade!  Or Strawberry Iced Tea.  Cold drinks, while not worth the trade off that is this... STULTIFYING heat (did I mention it is stultifying?) are a nice diversion, and one way to make the season of summer feel fully lived.
Joe Hartman