To Being True

Two wonderful people got married last week, and I was lucky enough to be there.  I flew home to Austin for a few days, and feel really grateful to be a part of their wedding.  It was a simple and elegant wedding, on a boat, and while the two grooms were of course the most instrumental in making it happen, their was so much love and support from everyone to make the evening work, that it made the end result so much more satisfying.    

I want so much for these two people, feel fiercely devoted, and am proud of them.  I admire their courage, their strength of vision and their seemingly effortless kindness.  There was a moment after the ceremony, when I stopped dancing long enough to take everything in, and as I watched everyone laughing and dancing and making merry under the night sky as the boat meandered down Lady Bird Lake, I was just so charmed.  And taken by how important it is to be true to yourself.  To express one's self honestly.  And I mean, completely separated from one's sexuality.  To be free enough to discard the masks that we cling to in order to present ourselves as perfect people.  To own who we are, the things we admire, to stand up for them, and what we value, these two things are instrumental to living a meaningful life.  In fact, they may be the key to it.  

Joe Hartman