The Tony Noms came out this week, and Tony season usually inspires one or two delightful and laugh invoking videos, because, what can you say?  Theatre people are creative, insightful and funny, am I right ladies?

But, and please forgive me for this admission, but are you at all like me, and when a friend sends a video (or in my case, more often than not, my mother sends me a video) is there a tiny, insecure part of you that shrugs at the commitment just presented?  Cuz, first, I'm gonna have to devote 3 minutes of my life to this video on faith (forget about the fact that I waste hours on netflix watching completely tepid television) and then I'm worried that I'll have to say something clever about it.  And then if I don't like that comment quite enough, I'll edit it to make it better, and then I have to worry about the fact that facebook people will be able to track my editing process and see that there was effort put into my "very calculated to appear off the cuff" comment.  And if that comment doesn't get any likes??  Forget about it.  I will wonder where I went wrong.  It's silly really.  In reality there is no pressure implied in these videos at all.   Said video is a gift.  Take as you please.  Or not.  I mean, that's certainly how I view it when I put a video on facebook, and I'm not at all hurt that hardly anyone viewed my post of Liza's brilliantly heartfelt and unironic, and therefore given the subject matter thoroughly campy performance of "Sailor Boys!" (c/u: Joe Hartman wiping away a single tear).

And anyway, when I do view these videos I am nearly always grateful, assuming the person who sent it is someone who's opinions I share and that we tend to enjoy the same things.  All of this is of course taking the long way around saying how much I enjoyed the following video, and how grateful I am that Susan Branch Towne made me aware of it.  Watch and enjoy!  (Or not, it's totally up to you) and feel free to add a comment (or dont'.  I certainly won't be offended either way)...

Now that you  too, have seen it, I can't say enough about how giddy this video makes me.  Watching these macho, bro-y dudes go ape shit over Jessica Lange's nominations and throwing back "Hamilshots" somehow validates my love of theatre, and the fact that I care much more about the Tony's and Oscars than I ever could about the play-offs or the Final Four.  There are others out there.  I am not alone, nor am I nearly as fanatical about it as some.  It's like a hilarious and kind of sexy warm blanket.

And if you enjoyed this video, you should check out Matthew Rodin's other videos at  They're funny, art centered, and inspirational to anyone wanting to amp up their creativity. 

And for those of you who want to see it (and I know there are MANY) here's the previously mentioned gem that is Liza's performance of "Sailor Boys".