Veselka Is Love

When people ask me about my favorite restaurants in New York, I've often drawn a blank.  Of course, I love me some Juniors, but it's a place I think of as an every day place.  If I'm in the mood, I'll head to Juniors, have a cup of Matzoh Ball soup, and maybe a potato pancake with apple sauce and sour cream.  But a special place, with knock your socks off food?  I would have had to scan around in my mind for bit.  No longer.

I probably wouldn't have thought of this place at all, except for the fact that one of my dear friends had mentioned going when she was in town about a month ago.  It's a Ukranian diner in the East Village that is known to have a pretty great brunch.  We ended up dining close to her hotel, but I kept this place tucked away in my mind for awhile, and when I was searching for a place in the East Village, I suggested it, and I'm so glad I did.  It's name?  Veselka!!!

I'd been craving Borscht for awhile, something I'd never really loved until I moved to New York, and this place looked like it might fit the bill.  It was so festive and comforting the I couldn't help but agree with the giant sign overhead reading...

They even have a cookbook!

I ordered a cup of the Vegetarian Borscht to start, and we also had a salad with a Dill Vinaigrette, but I have to say, it seemed a lot creamier and thicker than any vinaigrette I've had in the past.  Both my date and I ordered the "Deluxe Meat Platter"  which included pierogis, stuffed cabbage, and kielbasa.  Every bite was a little bit of amazing, and everything about the experience, including the company, helped to make this one of my new favorite places in New York City.  I cannot recommend it more highly.