Me Party!

On the schedule for today:  Exploration, creativity, and a bit of self-care.  It's been a really great week.  I spent Tuesday evening with one of my dearest friends from college having coffee and trading stories, then took a walk over to Book Culture on Columbus Avenue, which is a really restorative and peaceful bookshop.  There are so many candles, journals, unique bookbags and tempting knickknacks that it's easy to forget that they sell books.  I also spent a great evening at home with my roommate watching the forgotten Disney chestnut Moon Spinners , a jewel caper set in "the bleached beauty of the Isle of Crete", and starring Hayley Mills with the dreamy Peter McEnery I loved the movie as a kid, and it's somewhat retroactively that I realize I was not only charmed by Hayley's plucky demeanor and upturned nose, but by Mr. McEnery's golden tan and self possessed air.  He was among a handful of males that looking back, should have clued me in that I "wasn't like the other boys", including...

Harry Hamlin :

The aforementioned McEnery:

And of course, the house favorite, Philip McKeon, AKA "Tommy" from Alice:

And yet, Peter McEnery was just one of many things that kept this movie alive in my memories.  There was also a "suspenseful" where the two young heroes hide away in the catacombs.  In this case, catacombs is is perfect in every sense of the word, as there are stray cats hiding there who attack the villain with perfect timing.  Of course, looking back it just looks like someone is tossing these poor hissing creatures from one side of the screen to the other, but on first viewing, I thought this was all of their own angry volition.  Add to that the beautiful scenery, the extremely wooden acting of silent film star Pola Negri, a cheetah lounging on a lavender settee on a grand yacht, and you've got yourself a fucking PICTURE!!!  Of course, the fact that the plot is somewhat convoluted might keep some people away, but not me.  I own that fucking movie!

But where was I?  Oh yes, running down the week...  last night I had a pretty lovely date which ended in conversation at a park bench in Madison Square Garden looking up at the cherry blossoms, forefront to one of those nighttime skylines you can only find in New York.  It was one of two moments that evening in which I thought to myself that I can't believe I live in this city that up until the past year has seemed like a make-believe place.

So yeah.  Pretty good week.  

Today, I am determined to keep the good times rolling with a party at which I am the only guest.  That's right, I'm having a Me Party.

I'm going adventuring, to check out parts of the city, and hopefully do some creating.  As much as I love being around others, and think of myself as an extrovert, I definitely have that other side of the coin which needs to re-charge by being alone with my own company.  So that's what today is for.  I'm determined to make it a good one.