No One Really Wants Everything

I've started the morning off right, at my favorite coffee shop, Gossip Coffee, and am sitting down to a coffee and donut treat.  I've always loved donuts, along with popcorn and soup they make the triumvirate of my favorite foods.  Today, I think I overdid it.  Gossip Coffee makes great donuts, like the Nutella Almond and the Cinnamon Sugar Cookie, however today I saw this in the display window:

It was called "The Everything Donut", and something about it said "take a risk on me!  I have everything!!!"  Of course the reasonable part of my brain said that anything that looks like it was made by a hungover college kid using every fucking thing in his pantry and fridge will taste just like it was made by a hungover college kid using every fucking thing in his pantry and fridge.  But I couldn't help myself.  My nostalgia for the St Patty's day just passed was strong, and there were "Lucky Charms" in there, and green frosting.  And the part of me that missed out on Mardi Gras was taken in by the little edible stars and the multi-colored glitter of a King Cake!  And the woman behind the counter said the customers had liked it.  So I leapt.  And when I got it home in front of my laptop to write, and I took a bite...I regretted it.  It is the grossest combo of flavors imaginable.  Strawberry glaze, chocolate glaze, sprinkles, added to the previously mentioned ingredients...bleh.  BLEH!!!!!  I just wish someone had save me from myself.  Like that coffee server!! She had to know it was disgusting, and she didn't whisper an advisory warning, she didn't give me a subtle grimace or shake her head.  She beckoned me on like a siren on a heap of sugary garbage.  

Oh well.  I guess I'd say I learned a lesson, but this won't stop me from being adventurous in my choices next time.  Maybe I learned to trust my instincts when it comes to this.  In the meantime, as much as I hate tossing this colorful confection, I will.  

But please don't let this keep you from going to Gossip Coffee and trying their coffee, donuts, or flavored rice puddings.  It's an awesome shop, so cozy and beautiful, with a friendly shop and a number of comfy seats and electrical ports (though it DOES get crowded on weekends, like all places around here, so check-in early).  And the donuts are my favorite in town, just not this particular donut.