Movin' Out!

I'm writing this current post surrounded by stacks of boxes, and swirls of dust bunnies that have been unearthed by dragging furniture from the corners of the apartment to get ready for the movers who will be here bright and early tomorrow morning to move me out of Brooklyn, and into my new home in Astoria.  

Since moving to New York I've gotten to know Astoria due to some good friends that live in the area, and I've really come to feel like it is the place I'll be most at home.  It's got a lot of lovely cafes and restaurants, a movie theatre and a beautiful independent bookstore all within easy walking distance.  Plus, my favorite museum in the city is very close by.  In  addition to that, the trip into Manhattan for auditions has been cut short by twenty five minutes, and I'm awfully glad about that.  

There are certainly some things I'll miss in Crown Heights, like Pel's Pies, The Brooklyn Central Library, and the church bells I can hear chiming from my window every morning, but despite the fact that this move has been challenging, I do feel it will be for the best.  My current roommate situation has become too complex to be sustainable, and these are things people can't always predict when they enter into a new living situation.  You get a good feeling about it, you take a leap of faith, and sometimes it doesn't work out.  But in spite of a difficult month getting prepared for this move, and some sleepless nights stressing over the unknown, it looks like things have all fallen into place.  I know the new place won't be perfect, as there are certain compromises anywhere you live, but I'm very excited about it and hopes are high!
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