"I Am Grateful!": (The Birthday Edition)

Since it's my birthday, and birthday's are a great time for counting blessings, I figured this would be a perfect time to remember all of the great things happening in my life. I can't lie, this first one in New York was the hardest one I can remember, but I've had lots of love and good wishes from those I care about across the miles, and from those here in the city as well, so who could ask for more?

I am grateful for my friends at The New York Transit Museum. The people I've met there have made the job a joy, and have impacted my life outside of work in a multitude of ways as well.  I'm so happy to have a place to play amongst people who love what they are doing, and to get to call that "work".

I am grateful for A Little Life.  It seems a strange thing to say about a book that is taking me through an emotional roller coaster and making me feel particularly vulnerable on the city's subways, but it has won me over with it's beautifully rendered characters and by its depiction of friendships in New York City.  

I am thankful to be going on auditions.  It's taken some courage to get out there, and thus far, I admittedly haven't gotten up the courage to go for a Broadway show (it's all been for Off-Broadway and Regional) but I am getting some great experience, and putting my face out there, and I trust I'm making waves, even if it's sometimes difficult to see the impact.

I am so grateful to all the friends who have reached out to me in the past week and today, sending thoughts of love both by phone, through gifts, and through Facebook.  It's funny, because every time I see reminders to post on Facebook for a friend's upcoming birthday and think "Oh, they don't care about hearing from me", I forget how great it feels to receive these, and how touching it is to know that people are thinking about me, even for just a moment.

I am grateful for an amazing little cafe about a quarter of a mile from here, by the name of Pel's Pie Co.  It's cozy, with a minty green interior, lovely people behind the counter, and delicious pies.  


If you're ever in the neighborhood and feeling like a savory treat, the Tomato Pie is delicious.  It's a wonderful place to tuck up for awhile and do some writing while having a piece of pie and coffee, or a sip of wine.  

I am grateful that my little pooch Stella has an amazing home with my family in Texas and is not having to brave these Winters, or the crowds and noises that would give her the shivers.  

I am also extremely grateful to be in this city with its amazing museums, theaters, citizens, and the myriad of magical little places tucked all around it.  Living here and making the most of it is a job all of its own, but it's worth it (and PS:  I don't own those particular photos above, so if you would rather I remove them, let me know :))
Joe HartmanPel's Pie Co.