Snowstorm 2016!

We've been receiving news in the city of an incoming snow storm, our first of the season.  About a week ago we had our first snowfall, but it was so slight that it really just dotted the yards and sidewalks for an evening and was gone by the ext morning.  This storm?  This was supposed to be "the one".  Reports varied pretty wildly, from five inches to possible twelve inch snowfalls.  Flights had been changed in anticipation, I got advice to "shop up" before it got here, and be prepared for things to shut down.  Thus far, however, I had not heard mention of "snowpocalypse", which had been bandied about last year, and then turned out in large to be a disappointment (if it can be said to be a disappointment when a storm anticipated to shut down the city and damage businesses doesn't end up doing that).  Reports as to when this storm would arrive also varied, as some said it would begin Friday afternoon, and others believed it would start on Saturday.

I, unfortunately cannot tell you exactly when it arrived.  As of 8PM last night, all was well.  I've been dog sitting for my dear friend in Queens, and after my Yorkie friend and I took a walk around the block, I microwaved a Lean Cuisine, started up Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone and we cuddled up, waiting for the snow to "bring it".

Well, it came.  Our window overlooks the apartment's rooftop, which is at covered with at least three to four inches of snow.

NEWS UPDATE:  I'm streaming WNYC as I type this, and I've been told that we may get 18-20 inches.  Lord.  I didn't take anybody's advice.  I didn't "shop up" as I was told to", and if everything is closed, I will be living off cans of vegetable soup until further notice.  Which isn't the worst news.  Think what it will do to my figure!!??!
Joe Hartman