Celine Dion's Greatest Moment

Celine Dion.  She ain't exactly my fave. She takes herself way too seriously, doesn't seem to legitimately feel the emotions tied to the songs she sings, and she's gaudy in nearly every way possible.  And yet,this?

Celine Dion sprawled out on a lit floor crooning Memory in full cat regalia?  I can't not love it.  She spins, she leaps, she sinks dramatically to the floor, she belts the shit out of this song, and she commits FULL OUT people.  It feels so risky and weird, and there is absolutely no trace of irony in her performance.  None.  Nil.  Not an iota.

Watch it and see if you don't love it as much as I do.

Joe HartmanCats, Celine Dion