New York Moments

I learned a very valuable lesson on Thursday after an interview for a position with the The New York Transit Museum.  My lesson?  When it comes to a choice of two types of shoe:

1. comfortable and a little on the casual side.
2. dressy and new, but pinchy and uncomfortable.

Choose option 1.  For Lord's sake choose 1.

I went for style, and ended up walking five miles in those miniature torture chambers.  By the end of the day I was happily, and gingerly walking behind some of the slower New Yorkers just so I'd have an excuse to give my feet a needed break.

On the upside, the interview went pretty well, and after it was complete I had the opportunity to
wander around a bit.  I definitely recommend doing so if you feel the need of a good escape, as the beautifully preserved subway cars (complete with vintage ads) give the wonderful feeling of tripping through time.  

My walk back to Brooklyn included a really lovely, small pleasure when I was greeted by the haunting sound of a trumpet.  It was such a lovely ambient, distinctly New York sound, kind of lonely and wistful.  When I got close enough to where the sound was coming from I looked up the wall of an apartment building and could make out the glint of a brass trumpet bell being aimed out the second floor window.  So the music was not some random practicing, but a deliberate gift to New York from an unknown musician.  It was a great moment.

Joe Hartman