Leaving Escanaba

I've recently returned to New York City from my brief drop-in to Greene, New York to play Reuben Soady (Jeff Daniel's alter-ego) in his play Escanaba In Da Moonlight. It was really wonderful to see so many people show up (the town itself is so small that you often wonder where the people are coming from), and to get such apparent joy at the tale of the Soady families freaky and flatulent night on the eve before deer hunting season.  

As much as I enjoyed the experience, and I'm very proud of the show, I am grateful to be back.  Six weeks in a theatre in a small town, with one car shared amongst four of us, and lots and lots of free time can leave even the cheeriest person a little on the surly side, and I found myself going more than a little bonkers.  Luckily there were some wonderful friends to pass the time with, but you can't spend every waking second with them, and how many times can one drive to Barnes and Noble?  (Answer:  A lot).  All of this led to me, netflix and more oreos than I care to count, and thank God it was toward the end of the run that I realized it was possible to replace some of the constant snacking with sketching.  I had attempted some writing, and found myself in a dry spell when it came to words, but I was able to churn out a few  "drawrings", as Simon says.

Whatever you do, don't look at her hands.  :)

Girly man, my favorite kind

For those of you who were not able to attend, here are a few photos taken but the director Bill Lelbach, and feature our terrific cast (Including Dan Romero, Dan Mian, Emily Goodell, Scott Isert Huffman and Chris Knickerson, as well as his rustic set.

The absolutely charming Barby Kahl designed our costumes.  She won me on the first day when she called me "dear" and "darling".  I loved every endearment. To be fair, I am not the only one she called this, but I liked to pretend it was just me.  

What you don't see in the photos is how well loved and cared for and herded we were by Liz Howell ( my cohort on so many adventures), or  how much hard work Joey Velas put into making the set look as great as it did.  NOR can you see the lovely and feisty Faith White, who did every task under the sun, aided by Sandra Houde also who hosted a couple great gatherings at her and Bill's home.

Thanks to everyone involved, for shining your light ,and allowing me to call you "puddin'" and "bitch" on alternating days.  

Joe Hartman