As you most likely know, I returned from Greene, New York exactly a week ago, and have since settled in at a beautiful apartment in Brooklyn.  I'll be living with my dear friends Kirk German and Heather Huggins in a lovely, brand new building in a neighborhood that is half Hasidic Jews, and half Caribbean.  It's got a lovely and diverse feel to it, and I'm less than a quarter of a mile away from an amazing kosher market which is chock full of all the Kosher foods I've been developing such a strong affinity for lately.  Bagels, lox, knishes, chocolate babka... it's all there and I could not be happier.

The apartment itself has many perks-  a bright orange entry door, big windows letting in lots of light, big bedrooms and spacious common areas, central air conditioning, washer and dryer units in the building, and 2 bathrooms!  There have been some minor adjustments due to the newness of the complex, including  current lack of wi-fi which has me frequenting coffee shops and library even more than usual, but all in all it's been smooth and lovely.  I'm awfully grateful to Kirk and Heather doing reconnesaince while I was upstate, and the apartment is going to be a great home base for creative ventures.

My bedroom, so far, is pretty empty.  I've got a couple of suitcases full of clothes and a few books, but it all feels rather impermanent, and the nester in me is really looking forward to the next week when some of my belongings will be coming.  In the meantime however, I'm very grateful for the air mattress I rest my little head upon.

Joe Hartman