Big Old Heap of Posting

I've been remiss.  This is true.  I had dreams of posting every day about the experience of being in the current production of Escaaba In Da Moonlight currently playing in Greene, New York.  And yet...

Part of it is that, it feels so strange to write about this show as I'm in it, and it's difficult to place it in context of the whole move to NYC, at least in this moment.  It has felt a bit like I dropped out of the sky into this town and plopped into a concrete compound to live with six strangers and make a family, and a piece of theatre.

The first couple of weeks was like a mad scramble to get into the mindset of these people, learn our individual tracks for the show, and breathe life into the lines.  My particular challenge has been that I'm portraying the character that Jeff Daniels, the playwright, created for himself.  He's the plays heart, and as a result it felt like I couldn't make him quite as broad as would normally be my tendency.  He had to be grounded in reality, and still be outsized and match the energy of the other family members onstage.  It's a fine line, and living in those in-between places can be difficult.

Once we reached opening night, everyone took a huge sigh of relief, as usually happens.  You spend those last hours before opening wondering "Can we do this?  Can I do this?"  And so you metaphorically sprint through those fink moments hoping you will make the finish line, and that you won't be thrown she the element of the audience is added.

It's strange, because as much as I'm ready for the days off when they come, once they are here, it can feel like I've been given a burdensome amount of time.  If I had dollars to drop I could rent a car and go on a road trip, or bus it back to New York City, and yet, right now I just can't rationalize that expenditure.  So life has turned into a routine of watching tv, going to the "store" (whether it be the drug store, the grocery store, the library, etc) and then returning to the compound.  It's a balancing act of time management, because part of me just wants to turtle it and hide out in my dark cavern of a room, but after just two hours of that, I begin to go stir crazy out of a need for external stimulation.  By the time the days off are coming to a close and we head back into the show, I am ready ta go.


In other news, I've stopped eating red meat.  I just can't do it anymore.  The reason?  This video.  For those of you who are worried, no there's no blood or guts here, just a terrified little creature that deserves kindness.


Especially since there are so many delicious vegetarian meat alternatives, I've decided it is the thing to do.  I am still eating chicken and fish, and can't imagine myself ever giving up sea food, but this is a start at least.  


In other other news, I have been working on a permanent place to live in New York, and if all goes well, I'll be making an announcement about it in the next few days.

Joe Hartman