Too Many Rats

Another undeniable feature of New York City?  Rats.  Sightings in the subway are all too common, and as I walked home through the streets of Brooklyn after having a drink with friends, passing by the mounds of garbage at the curbs, a rat scrambled from the garbage bags and crossed my path, which was a first for me.

Truthfully?  I can deal.  I don't want to see one in my apartment EVAH, and every time I make my way to the toady I try not to think of the Urban legend of rats crawling through the pipes and up out of the toilet.  But I think they are here to stay.

This whole situation reminds me of the children's book my Aunt Lu used to read to me before I fell asleep.  It was called The King, The Mice, and The Cheese.  You think New York has rats and mice?

Well, the wise men of the city told the King to get rid of the mice with cats, but shocker, the cats proved to be a bigger problem than the mice so they had to use dogs, and then lions to get rid of the dogs, and elephants to get rid of the lions... you see where this is going, right?

Mice for the win!!!

So, again, as long as they aren't inside with me, cuddled up in bed expecting a belly rub, I will be fine.  Not happy, by any means, but I suppose I will live.  And yet, being "fine" means some days you will walk past a building with a sign like this...