Music of the Subway

Everyone in New York ends up on the subway at some point, and most of us end up there at least twice a day.  It is definitely its own land with a distinct set of rules, people, smells and sounds that inhabit it and give it its color.  At first, everything is exciting, somethings are off-putting, but eventually you become desensitized to it all.

There are always performers in the subways.  Musicians, dancers, silver painted statue people, mini-Michael Jacksons, lady Michael Jacksons (just about every variety of Michael Jackson you can imagine) and for the most part they become a piece of the background noise.  But last Sunday I was at the Atlantic/Barclay stop in Brooklyn heading to a last stop in Target before leaving town for a bit, and I heard the strains of "How Great Thou, Art" coming from a soothing, and unique instrument, which at first I thought might be a theremin, but it was instead it was Maestro Moses Josiah and his musical saw.  He had an almost ethereal expression and unlike all the other people performing in the subway, he had the aura of someone giving a gift that you were welcome to take if you like as you moved through your day.  He was so earnest, and the music rather haunting, so that I had to pause a moment and just take it in.

He accepts donations, and sells cds, so if you are ever in New York and pass Mr. Josiah, take a moment and appreciate him.  He and his music have stayed with me long after hearing it.