Me Time

Remember that last post when I mentioned I'd been aching for some "me time"?  That little saying "be careful what you wish for" seems appropriate at this point.  It hit me on day two of being in the apartment (which is perfectly serviceable, but on the older side, complete with pock marked walls and creaking stairs) that every close friend I have in New York, save one, is currently out of town on some amazing adventure.  So I've been doing what I could solo... doing laundry, learning how to get around town, grocery shopping at the bodegas, and eating several meals alone.  It's been nothing but quality "ME Time" for the past three days and it's somehow different being alone when the place you are in is so familiar and friendly.  When everything is new and you are on your own, it can get daunting.

Thankfully, my friends and family have been immensely supportive and reminded me that as of this evening I have only been in New York for a week, and adjustment takes time.

I have been able to push through, though and not succumb completely to laziness (although I am a little ashamed to admit I purchased Outlander from Amazon Prime thanks to a gift card I received and have been devouring it like that rat Templeton from Charlotte's Web when he's let loose at the fair) and have been achieving at least one or two things a day.

I've updated my resumes (acting and survival jobs), sent inquiries to a company I have a connection with that may be hiring in the area, joined a group that offers discounted theatre tickets, and as of ten minutes ago I overcame my nerves and submitted my pic and res for a couple of Equity audition opportunities.  It's a good reminder that the lulls and doldrums will pop up, to be forgiving of myself, and to work through them when possible.

Tonight I went to the opening night of NYMF and saw Claudio Quest!  More on that tomorrow...
Joe Hartman