I Is Chef!

I've always had the vague feeling, not that I usually act on it quickly, that a place you live doesn't feel like home until you've broken in the kitchen by making a full out meal.  I'm not talking boxed soup, but some delicious recipe (it's best if it's one you've never tried).  Cooking in this kitchen was a joy, and a bit of an adventure, as the stove is compact, and I'm not very familiar with what utensils and spices are available, so in some cases I had to make do.  I found a really delicious chicken recipe I'd been dying to try (found it on Pinterest, that's right) and I was really pleased with the results.

(Picture for illustrative purposes only.  This is not my actual result)

The recipe originated from the Jewhungry blog, and the alterations I made were few.  I am not kosher so I went ahead and used butter an sour cream, although I'm sure it's delicious with the dairy substitutions, they weren't available within easy walking distance from my apartment.  I also used some rice noodles from the fridge (which I'll replace before my friends come home because I am a good person) as I didn't have a saucepan and tight fitting lid avail.  

All in all, it was truly "dish delish", made me feel like a grown up, and acclimated me to the kitchen with little trauma as it is a dish that's easy to prepare.  So  hooray for cooking!
Joe Hartman