It's been a somewhat tenuous time as of late, as I've been trying to figure out what the future holds.  My job situation is somewhat unstable, my romantic life is undeveloped, and close friends of mine are off on exciting new adventures of one kind or another.

Me???  I'm beginning to realize that if I plan on staying in the Austin area, any hopes of making a larger income based on creativity is...limited.  That's not to say that some people haven't been able to make a go of it, but in my areas of expertise??  Let's just say Chicago has been calling, and has been calling ever since I my exploratory visit about five years ago.  Now I realize I'm not getting any younger, and that it might take some time to establish myself in a new town, and that it's a lot of hard work.  I hear you.  But, it would be exciting as well, and feel like really living, rather than just...coasting. And if the effort is motivated by desire, then it doesn't really feel as much like work, does it?  As far as here?  Austin?  At this moment I don't see the next four or five years as very different from what they have been, and I just don't want to accept a future of drifiing from  one job to another that has very little to do with my passions, true talents, and desires.   

That said, I am currently in a lease which goes to June, so until then, I am here.  In the mean time I am open to finding the perfect position, preferably in an industry focused on creativity and communications.  I can dream, right? 
Joe Hartman