Be A Huge Part of the Creative Process in Austin

   Hi Every one!  I'm reaching out to you to connect with you about Amplify Austin, the 24 Hour Festival of Giving to the Austin Community.  Specifically I want to deeply encourage you to give to Zilker Productions, and to tell you what it has meant to me, and why I it will make you feel good in your heart to give to this organization. 

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     My family and I moved to Austin when I was eight, and pretty much since then, the Zilker Summer Musical has been a part of my life.  As an audience member?  It was something we could do as a family, that was free, outside at an Austin Institution, Zilker Park.  We could join together with the literally thousands of people who saw this show each night.  And for two to three hours I got to be with my family and take a moment to dream.  I would save the programs, and pour over them later, draw my own versions of the illustrations on the front...basically just bliss out on everything Zilker.  It was my Broadway and one of my first dreams as a performer was to be up there someday.   

     The Zilker Summer Musical has been here for over fifty years encouraging people (kids, artists, and dreamers of all kinds) to escape into something pretty special.  I know how important these donations are.  I've seen what the money does.  It gives a small stipend to the actors who contribute up to three months of their time.  It pays for the sets, the costumes, the publicity...

     And just think, if you click here and give even $10 before 6PM today (BECAUSE THAT'S WHEN THE WHOLE MATCHING FUNDS SHEBANG IS OVER) you can watch the heartfelt community show that is The Zilker Summer Musical and know that you were a big part of what was up there.  If you can afford to give a little bit of a dream to that kid sitting ten people over and creating a previously unthought of future, you really should.

For those out of town who want to know more about this theatrical event, go to the zilker website
Joe Hartman