Failure Face?

So...if all had gone perfectly according to plan I would have blogged about The Judy Garland Show, one episode per day, and nearly be finished, if not completely finished at this point.  So what happened?  Am I lazy?  Maybe.  Was it difficult?  Yes.  Did it turn something I enjoyed into a chore?  A touch.  Here's the truth.

1.  It was turning into a chore, and I was beginning to drive myself crazy.  I LOVE The Judy Garland Show, but truth be told, I love it in small doses.  One a week.  So, maybe that's something I can commit to.  Maybe this was all too much from the get-go.  I was no longer looking forward to the show, and having a "critical eye" on something, preparing to write about it, can take away a lot of the pure joy.  It's like you've got one eye on the fun, and another on the door.  Plus, with the watching, the research and the writing?  It consumed a lot of time in any already time restricted life.

2.  I think I was beginning to drive my roommate crazy.  We share a tv, and night after night I was watching the show, and we were going to our separate rooms doing our own thing.  Not that we don't do this often, we are individuals pursuing our own lives, and yet... I was beginning to feel like I was dominating the tv and I hated how much time we were spending in the same apartment, as if we were completely alone.  He's certainly got an appreciation for Judy, but he's not a fan by any means, and I didn't want to bombard him.

3.  I lost my readers.  A lot of them.  Not that this is a hugely trafficked blog, but I do enjoy getting read, and my readership was way down, and thus the motivation to write for an audience that possibly wasn't there?  Low. 

4.  It's been done.  Beautifully.  So many people have written about this show, and the fans seem to have dredged up every single detail amongst themselves at one point or another.  So, what's the urgency???  Is anyone clamoring?

So there you have it.  I am going on a hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time.  Not on the blog, but on The Judy Garland Show blogging.  It may come back, but I ain't making any promises.  Yes, I feel like a bit of a failure face, but I will pick up the little pieces and continue blogging.  I ain't finished, yet.  Nuff' said.
Joe Hartman