TJGS Episode 5: The Sexiest Episode Yet

Watching the Pioneer DVDs as I have been is an interesting experience as they differ ever so slightly from the aired version of the show.  For example, the cameras linger on studio audience for what seems like an eternity during the fade-out to commercial, possibly to give the editors some space when they are fading out for the commercial that's been removed.  At any rate, it allows us to see some very amusing behavior, like in the episode with Mickey in which one woman on house right is absolutely tickled pink to see herself on the monitor.  She just can't help herself, she points, she giggles, she titters about it to the person next to her...awesome. 

They say you can also spot the celebrities in the audience as you watch, but so far that hasn't been the case.  In the premier episode Natalie Wood, Lucille Ball and the cast of The Dick Van Dyke Show were in the audience, but I couldn't find them, at all.

Also, the DVDs will occasionally show numbers edited into the show that were cut from the aired version. 

In this episode the number that was edited into the DVD version, even though it was cut for the aired episode, is "If Love Were All", and I can see why it was cut.  It's a beautiful song, and one of Garland's stand by numbers, but it's not really suited to start a show.  Dramatically it fits much better in the latter portion of a performance as sung by someone who's already been "through the mill".  To see Garland come out looking dazzling, all glammed up and up beat singing this whistful, somewhat self pitying song...well it's weird.  And it was cut.  Also weird?  Those damned Judy Garland singers.  They never fail to provide a creepy, incongruous moment.  They succeed again in the number "Yes, Indeed" in which Judy introduces her guests for the evening.  Usually I have not troubles keeping my eyes on Judy, but the dancers are so...wacky, that they demand your attention.  Watch and see:

Right?  What is up with those cones leaking those incredibly fake looking extensions?  And the boys...come on kids.  Who's fucking idea were they.  Get them outta there. 

One thing that surprised me, was that even though Dick Shawn is a NIGHTMARE, so unappealing and off-putting with his "sexual" energy that supposedly gets the girls wild, Jerry Van Dyke is just sweet and adorable as can be.  His energy is great and he's hilarious in the duet with Shawn.  And I can't help but feel that if he'd kept that up, with Judy performing as an encouraging influence to bolster his sagging confidence, it might have actually worked.

Tony Bennett.  What is it about Tony Bennett.  He's all chin and nose, with lashes that Tony Curtis would have been proud of, and he's just as hot as can be.  He's committed, emotional, and his confidence comes from within.  Good Lord.  It makes my heart flutter just to watch him.  And his chemistry with Judy?  They can't keep their hands off each other.  It's weird to know that they just met for the episode because they seem like old flames that have been able to transition into a very comfortable friendship.  This clip provides the evidence when Judy joins the song about 2 minutes in.

In the "trunk" segment Judy tells another anecdote at the behest of Hunt Stromberg, Jr.  and sings a lovely rendition of "Stormy Weather" and as the credits roll she walks into the audience and joyously greets Steve Allen and his wife Jayne Meadows.  It's a great moment.