Hand Candy

Ok.  Now, I'm usually a firm believer in "respecting the season".  Christmas decorations come out no sooner that the day after Thanksgiving.  Christmas music doesn't get full rotation in my car and home until December 1st, and Christmas decorations come down after on New Year's Day, or up to two days after.  And Christmas candles, scents, etc...all that shit goes away.  RESPECT THE SEASONS!!!  It's a hold over from my friend Berv, who has been drilling this idea into my head regarding all seasons and all aspects of culture.  Well...I've failed in at least two aspects this year.

1.  The Christmas decorations didn't come down until last night.  Mark and I had been talking about doing them, planned days to take them down, and then something had come up.  Twice. And the way our schedules are lately, I finally came to the realization that our schedules were not likely to synch up a third time any time soon, so I did them myself as I watched the fifth season of "Dexter".  And afterwards, I have to say.  It all seemed to sparse and bare.  Lacking charm and joy.  When the decorations first came up I feared they might be a bit too garish, but then I got used to them, attached to them.  They became "normal".  To lose them left a gap.  And yet, my mind is already making the adjustment. 

2.  I bought a soap a few days before Christmas, and it's staying in use until I've used it all up, because it smells so fucking good I just can't resist it.  And it's not a smell like Peppermint, or Pine Trees, no.  It's "spiced gum drop", and it's so decadent and sweetly spicy, spicily sweet, that I can't put it away.  At least not until the end of January.  My point being, you should get some too.  It's on sale at Target and smells luscious.  And on the counter it's not TOO Christmassy.  It's sturdy, classic, slightly medicinal looking, like something the bearded villain in Pete's Dragon would have sold from his cart.  In short, I love it.  Even if it isn't in season anymore, and it makes me smell my hands which could creep people out in a major way.  It's well worth it.
Joe Hartman