Random Musings

Working full time in addition to performing, really makes a person appreciate Sunday.  The laziness of it, especially on a day when a faulty car battery gave me the guilt free excuse to miss church and sleep in.  It's a day for lolling, for sipping coffee with peppermint creamer, and doing laundry.  For texting the cute boy I met on-line, who's only defect at this point is his wearing of a World of Warcraft t-shirt.  Although, this could be a serious flaw...

Last night we closed Arsenic and Old Lace, and I now have my nights free until mid-January, which will be a relief.  It seems like my life knows only two modes, feast or famine.  Too much, or too little, and frankly, I'm usually ok with this.  I've gotten used to it.  I've never been a middle of the road person.  If I'm in love, it's full force, and when I'm out, it's equally as easy to drop someone as it is to hold them close.  Maybe not the most effective way to live, but shit, we've all got flaws.  Mine are...

1.  An intrepid distaste for passive aggressive people
2. An obsession with weight, and my struggle to keep it down.
3. A tendency to overshare (hence this blog)
4. the ability to underestimate myself
5. a neurotic tendency toward perfection which can make Thanksgiving dinners with me a masterclass in being a control freak.  Thank god for my family who loves and accepts this about me, and my cousin who passes the vodka.
6.  Neediness.  I have a need for affection, peeps, I freely admit it.

But this is not a post in which I concentrate on my flaws, which also make me unique and can be a great tool for any actor or artist.  Sharing these things can help create intimacy, let other people know that they are not alone, and be a form of therapy.  Luckily, I've always considered "dignity" an over adored virtue.

Last night was also "strike", of the show.  That night at the end of the run in which some of the smaller companies ask the actors to participate in the tearing down and storing of the set and props pieces.  Although, why someone would want to put a drill in my hand, I will never know.  It was fun, and festive, although I resolve to be more productive and less chatty next strike.  You will find me in the dressing room polishing and dusting, moving costumes and as far away from wood work and flats as I can possibly get, although I'll happily paint the floor black.  That I can do.

In case you are wondering... Frozen???  My least favorite Disney animated film so far.  Don't feel bad, enough other people are singing its praises that I feel I can be truthful about it here.  Here are my thoughts-

  • As one of the critics said "you can see the wires".  I prefer my stories to tell the stories without having some "girl power, making up for the passive princesses of Disney's past" message which is oddly contrasted by the anorexic exaggerated features.  In other words, they are saying "be who you truly are inside.  As long as the outside is pretty, everyone will accept you." Go girl.

  • The original story on which the cartoon is based is pretty flawless on its own and doesn't need any tinkering to make it better.  It's got a strong female protagonist, who is not a princess, and not an adult.  Her happy ending is not bound up in story book romance, but in true friendship.  For once, the person in peril is not a girl, but a boy, who is becoming embittered to life's beauty.  In short, it's very original and unique, which is probably why Disney had troubles with it and ended up falling back on the conventional, because in spite of some superficial trappings, this is a very conventional story.

  • The songs are unnecessary.  With one notable exception, they are not particularly memorable.  Even the power ballad that the Snow Queen sings is more reminiscent of Katy Perry than of Ashman and Menken, and it feels like a combo of "fireworks" and "defying gravity".  I am, however, grateful for the tag "the cold never bothered me anyway", which is as calculatingly sassy as Bruno Tonioli after two skinny girl margaritas, and which I delight in singing at random moments.

  • For me, the one saving grace was the very character I didn't expect to love.  The little enchanted snowman is awesome.  He has so much heart, is so tender and childlike, and he sees the goodness in every situation.  His "I want" song is pretty much perfection.  Hilarious and poignant, with many laugh out-loud moments packed into about two minutes.  I may go back to see it just for him.  Congrats to Josh Gad on a really lovely performance. 

One of the movies I truly loved this year, was Philomena.  Judi Dench is wonderful, it's sincere, and heart wrenching, and I saw it with my mom, which I highly recommend doing.  Although, there may not be enough of my mom to go around, as she'll probably get bored after seeing it six or seven times.  Probably, you should bring your own mom.