Back to Life...

Get out the noise makers and cue the Hallelujah Chorus:  After a couple of months of searching, I have found another day-job, and I could not be more excited.  I'll be working for a small company which serves the elder community by providing companionship and care in their homes. My job will be a combination of recruiting, scheduling, and customer service.  The pay is decent, the mission of the company is inspiring and the staff is friendly and passionate.  It's a little farther north than I'm used to, so I'll be stocking up on audio books and podcasts. 

I found this without the help of a staffing agency, it's a salaried position, and I start tomorrow with high hopes, and excited to contribute to the shaping of a vibrant business.  Of course I know there will be challenges and adjustments, but I have a lot of faith right now that no matter what, this is a great move.
Joe Hartman