The L Word

Today is the official close of my ninth day on the cleanse, and I think my body has finally adjusted to the lower calorie intake and lack of process foods and caffeine.  I have my energy back, can breathe again as my cold has weakened, and the constant cravings for sugar and bread have depleted.  I will admit I've been bookmarking autumn and holiday recipes like a madman, in anticipation of the day when I will finally be able to eat yeast again. 

So far I've lost four pounds and can cinch my belt in an extra belt hole, and since I'm feeling a lot better than I had, I'm going to up the cardio for this last half, and really get all the benefit possible from it. 

One quick plug for the library.  This place is a god send.  Truly.  Ever since I've been really reigning in my spending, I've pretty much stopped buying books, music and dvds, and that's where the library has come in.  It's great for all those topics you've been curious about and wanted to dip your toes in.  You can just check a book out on the topic, browse it, take what you need, and return it.  Bada bing- bada boom.  And if there's a novel out there that looks really tempting- you can easily check it out.  If it's popular you can put it on hold, and reserve it for when the next available copy comes in.  Another amazing feature is the vast variety available.  You can search for just about anything, and if it's not at the branch nearest you, you can have it sent to your branch from one of the others that has it on its shelves. 

A few of the things I've been indulging in from the library lately...

1.  A great new translation of the Charles Perrault fairy tales.

2.  Bone-  a graphic novel in the vein of the old Uncle Scrooge comics, and speaking of...

3. The Uncle Scrooge comics.  I've been checking out a bunch of them.  I used to read them when I was a kid, and they were so exciting, full of adventure, exotic locales, and comforting characters.  My dad, gruff and macho as he was, was a big fan of those comics way into his adulthood, and it was something I found extremely relatable about him when I sometimes found little in common. 

4.  Bewitched (season 1)-  This show's gotten a lot of flack for being sexist, but I think that's a misinterpretation of its message.  As much as Samantha tries to be as "normal" as society of the early sixties wants her to be, she just can't do it.  The magic in her is what saves her family time and time again.  And as much as he says he doesn't like magic, Darrin really just wants to protect his wife and family from a society he fears won't accept them.  And Darrin's character progresses a lot from the beginning of the series to the end becoming more and more appreciative and accepting.  And if you look back on the characters that are awful in the show, they are almost always the mortals.  Darrin's mother?  controlling and neurotic.  Gladys Kravitz?  Busy body.  Larry Tate?  Conniving money grubber.  The witches come off looking a hell of a lot better, and loads more fun than the dreary mortals could think of being.  Really, the show's message is about balance.  The more Samantha is able to keep her life balanced, the steadier and calmer her life (and the more boring the tv show would become if she ever truly succeeded).

Joe Hartman