Opening Night!

There's a definite thrill to opening night.  Sometimes it feels more like terror, or dread, depending on how high your hopes for the show, or how much you question the quality of the show you are about to expose to a good sized audience for the first time.  The thrill  feels magnified for me tonight, since I leapt into the show with a little under two weeks before opening. 

Jumping in as I did, the process was sped up for me.  My first read-through was in front of a cast that had been doing this for awhile (although this show had what must be a record number of cast changes) and up until a couple nights before dress rehearsal I was still finding my rhythm, missing cues, and generally stumbling my way through the part.  It's truly been great to have such wonderful people in the show and crew.  Norman, Jenny, Jean, Karen, Tyler, Amy  and Andy have been extremely supportive and giving, and I could not have joined a more fun or warm hearted bunch of folks.  Plus, Sara, who plays the ingénue is just charming, and my favorite new friend. 

In short, I feel mostly solid, and might just be ready for play time tonight.

Joe Hartman