Dragging and Drowning in "The Good Wife"

So, I'm 8 days into the 21 day challenge (although it's officially only five days, since I didn't start supplements until Friday.  Screw you and your rules "Myfit foods"-  sfx: shaking of fist) and I have been pretty sluggish ever since.  I'm sure a large part of it has to do with the fact that I'm off caffeine and I've been on withdrawal as they say, and yet, after eight days you think I'd be feeling better.  Maybe 1700 calories a day just isn't enough for someone who is 6'3 and runs every other day.  I'm trusting them though, the fit foods people, that they know what I'm doing.  However, I have felt very little motivation as of late to do anything, one reason the blog's been a bit of a desert. 

The only thing I feel motivated to do is sleep (10 hours sometimes) and drown myself in The Good Wife.  I know there are those of you will say I've just substituted one addiction for another, but I am ok with that.  If 17 hours of Julianna Margulies is a bad thing then color me filthy.  I'm also loving Christine Baranski and Anika Noni Rose.  Love a show that has such strong women.  And the men are great as well, though, not the reason for watching, in my humble opinion.

Tonight is the B. Iden Payne Award ceremony.  I'm nominated for Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, and am frankly surprised as I wasn't sure that many people saw it, or that it was very well thought of by those who did.  And yet, I'm truly grateful as I put a lot of hard work  into the part and the writer, Charles Busch, is my favorite living playwright.  He writes such smart, campy shows, loaded with embedded tributes to the greats of the silver screen, and full of heart.  I loved the role of the virgin sacrifice, aka Madeleine Astarte, aka, Madeline Andrews, and would love the chance to do another of his works.  I don't expect to win tonight, but it will be nice to go and see everyone, even without a cocktail in hand, and there should be some interesting drama revolving around the fact that the nominating committee did not nominate a director for Best Musical this year.  A letter was written objecting to this (by the director of one of the prominent musicals) and so the committee allowed for member nominations.  It should be interesting, no matter what.

Final bit of news, I'm writing a novel.  Sure I am.  It's National Novel Writing month, and though, that fact slipped my mind until just now, I can make up for the five days I've lost.  Of course, I can't say it will be brilliant, but this bitch is gonna do it.