Voice Memo Ineptitude

I s anyone else out there in the world as confused by this "voice memo" thing on the I phone as I am?  I try to stay with the times, get down with all the technology and these newfangled machines, and I don't think I'm that dense, but I cannot figure this thing out.  On the surface it seems like it would be so convenient.  Always with you, always charged, take it to a rehearsal and easily record your music rehearsals so you can practice at home...but hell if I know how to figure the thing out.  I know how to record and stop, but then to move to a new recording?  How to pause and restart and keep that all on the same file?  How to name things?  And how to simply make the application go away when I want it?  Stymied. 

I tried it a couple of times, but spent so much time fooling around with the thing and stalling the rehearsal process for everyone else that I finally just said "screw you voice memo" and have gone back to lugging my REALLY old school battery powered portable tape recorder around.  At least I know how to use it. 

This incompetence has brought some unexpected delights, though.  Apparently when you synch your phone to your computer, all your voice memos go to your I-tunes in a playlist called "voice memos" and in my case I discovered long forgotten three year old recordings, some of which were intentional and mostly comprised of snippets of harmonies I was trying to learn.  A few of them were completely unintentional and included a 30 minute recording of me getting a haircut three years ago as I awkwardly attempted small talk, as well as   a 15 second clip of an obviously tipsy conversation I was having with a friend in a bar. 
If, by chance you are as inept with your voice memo device as I am, you may have some sweet discoveries in store, so I highly recommend checking this playlist out for forgotten treats (and just try to ignore how horrible your voice sounds magnified on it). 
Joe Hartman