Random Thoughts from Last Night's Emmy Broadcast

Is it just me, or did the Emmy's REALLY try to beat the Tony's at their own game, and in most cases, fall far short of their mark?  NPH was borrowed from the Tony's and was great, but there's only so much you can do with poorly written material.  I'm just not a fan of supposedly impromptu bits which reek of being canned.  Another moment that reminded me how great The Tony's are?  A "trying way to hard to be clever" number called "The Number in the Middle of the Show".

The Variety category reminded me how much I miss actual Variety shows.  Today, comedic news programs and late night talk shows pass as Variety, and I enjoy them for what they are, but I'd love it if they could find a way to bring back shows like The Carol Burnett Show, Gary Moore, The Muppet Show, The Judy Garland Show, The Dean Martin Show, and "The Ed Sullivan Show".  They brought amazing talent together for once in a lifetime moments, had some unforgettable comedic sketches, and threw in the occasional plate spinning dog trainer thrown in for good measure.

I also think Merrit Wever's four word acceptance speech was pretty brilliant.  She was charming, unpretentious and refreshing.  However, I can't help but think that at some point she will regret not thanking her folks, or significant other... In case you agree, here she is being a little more talkative later that night.

Jim Parsons and his three Emmy wins is a little annoying and I'm not sure why he keeps winning, but the Emmy voters love him.  Maybe they just really miss David Hyde Pierce and figure Parsons fits the bill.  THAT SAID, he won me over by how absolutely endearing he was.  Grateful, humble, darling as all get out.  My grinchly heart grew three sizes thanks to his gamin like presence.

Bob Newhart's standing ovation was my favorite part of the evening and made me teary, unlike all the stilted, obviously teleprompter aided tribute speeches.  He's never won an Emmy until this year, which is weird as all get out, and he seemed just blown away by it all.

Claire Danes needs her own talk show.  I would pay to watch her in an impromptu forum where she feels all eyes on her on a nightly basis.  She was like a crazed show dog up there, and it was horrifying and enthralling.  And God bless Hugh Dancy because he's obviously in love as can be, and life with someone as tightly wound as Claire Danes can not be all hearts and rainbows.  She was however, cringe worthy in that whole Lexus (it was Lexus wasn't it?) campaign with Danes in a comedic setting.  She is many things, but cuddly and comedic she ain't.  It was completely out of her wheel house.  If you want to see her being abso-fucking-lutely brilliant, check out Temple Grandin.  The woman is obviously a massive talent. 

I loved Don Cheadle talking about 1963-1964 and how monumental it was, but I could definitely have done without Carrie Underwood yodeling "Yesterday".

Dear CBS, I will purposely not watch whatever show that is with Allison Janney and that blonde girl, nor will I watch Job from Arrested Development and his mom.  That's how blatant and grating those promotions were within the show.

Another great moment (aside from Michael Douglas' acceptance speech, which you've surely seen elsewhere by now) was the dance number created by the nominated choreographers.  Here it is, really getting started at about 1:50 minutes in, in case you missed it.