"Follies of God" is a Treasure Trove

One of the blogs I love exploring periodically is Follies of God by James Grissom.  It's a kind of scrapbook of journals, interviews and artist profiles compiled during Grissom's writing of his upcoming book on Tennessee Williams.  There's a bounty of information here, and it's not only for fans of Tennessee Williams, but for anyone interested in the craft of acting, the creative process and those who participate.  Williams is one of those artists that leads to a slew of other brilliant artists because his career, his writing, and his life spanned a large swath of theatre history and personalities. 

 Grissom conducted some wonderful interviews with Williams in which he expounds on his love of certain actor's and artists like Jessica Tandy, Marlon Brando, Liza Minnelli, Faye Dunaway, Paul Newman, Elia Kazaan and Marilyn Monroe.  However, he also conducted numerous interviews with the artists themselves, not just about Williams, but about what it means to be an actor, writer, dreamer, what it's like to struggle with the process, to doubt and to press on.  It's simply inspirational.
Joe Hartman