Aaron Paul on The Price is Right, and A Podcast Recommendation

I have never seen an episode of Breaking Bad, and frankly I've never really been tempted to watch it, and yes I've heard a ton of people, critics and friends alike, saying how addictive it is.  I just can't get over the thought of all the dirty, unclean people, covered in tattoos, doing crystal meth.  Those visuals are extremely unappealing.  Likewise you will probably never catch me watching Sons Of Anarchy, Walking Dead, Justified, or even Duck Dynasty.  Someone has a beaver in their sink?  A dead and bleeding one?  No ma'am Pam.  I don't care how much they love each other or how much they thank Jesus for the opossum they are about to receive from His bounty.

That said, I was turned on to this clip of Aaron Paul, who is in Breaking Bad, is real darn cute, and was featured in an episode of The Price Is Right.  Lemme just say he's real excited to be there.


I found this clip thanks to one of my favorite podcasts, NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour, which is currently my favorite podcast out there.  It's a weekly panel show with four critics specializing in different aspects of pop culture (comics, music, tv, film) and they discuss what's new, what's old, and what's currently making them happy.  It's a really light and breezy hour, and after awhile they get to feel like your friends, your really smart, highly informed friends.  I couldn't recommend it more.