Zeus is here! And so is all the info you might need...

ZEUS IN THERAPY opened on Friday.  I'm really grateful that the old superstition rang true, because a slightly off-kilter dress rehearsal/preview made for a really solid opening night.  In the meantime, we have one show tonight at 8, and another weekend of shows (beginning Wednesday), and a ton of publicity has come out to tout our arrival.  Here is most of it, compiled for your convenience.

  • The Austin Chronicle featured the late great classics professor who authored the poems that make up the text of ZEUS IN THERAPY.  (Incidentally, the cast got to meet his family last night and they could not have been kinder or more welcoming.  It meant a lot to  hear their thoughts on the piece and how Prof. Parker would have loved it)

  • L Style G Style featured us in their latest issue.  You can pick up free copies all around town, or view the content here.

  • For those of you that would like an audio experience, we are also currently being featured in "Arts Eclectic"  on KUT. 

  • The Westlake Picayune recently featured ZEUS, and the artists contributing to ZEUS who are representin'.

Finally, we do have a show tonight at 8PM and 10% of our ticket sales will benefit TEAM JAY, in a joint effort with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  So, if you want to come see the show and fight cancer, tonight is the night.
Joe Hartman