Zeus is Coming!

My next show, "Zeus in Therapy" opens on August 16th at 8PM and runs for two weekends at The Long Center.  I play one of the eight facets of Zeus portrayed in a pretty daring and original new show which dramatizes a group of thirty six poems by Douglas Stott Parker that look at the persona of Zeus, and all his travails, in a modern context.  The piece also utilizes the elements of  music, dance, animation, and some pretty beautiful artwork.  It will doubtless be a unique theatre experience for the audience and I'm proud of all the work and energy that everyone's put into bringing this piece to fruition.  For ticket info and performance time, please check out the Long Center website, and if all that doesn't make you want to come, then how about this photo by Daniel Brock, of me in my Zeusly form?

When you come, I cannot promise I will look this intense or that my eyes will be quite this blue, but it should be a good time for all.  We have sold quite a few tickets already, so I would recommend being proactive and getting your reservations now. 

ALSO-  check out Tutto Theatre on Facebook to see all the other character portraits taken.


Joe Hartman