Adolescent Obsession: Julie Brown

I was browsing around on the computer today and am not sure how, but I started thinking about one of my favorite childhood films...oh yeah.  I was looking on Spotify for more music by my current love Zooey Deschanel, and that made me think that maybe New Girl had a soundtrack, which made me think about Brand New Girl, the Julie Brown track from my childhood fave  Earth Girls Are Easy, which led me to a pretty rare and kind of  bizarre reading of a proposed musical version from 2002 with no less a monumental talent than Kristin Chenoweth (I'll link to it later, but the video quality is low, and I want to start with a bang).

For those of you who don't know her, she was this outrageous red haired eighties comedienne who had a couple of hits (for example I Like Them Big and Stupid, and The Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun) and for a time she hosted an MTV comedy/video show that  I adored and recorded and watched over and over, mostly with my best friend Wes. 

For awhile she was pretty  well known.  Tiny Toons named a character after her, she was largely responsible for getting Earth Girls Are Easy made, she appeared in Clueless as the gym teacher...
she put out an album, Trapped In the Body of A White Girl, that quickly went away, but when I got a little older I sought it out and when I located it, transferred it to tape so I could listen to on bus rides, in the car, and sing along loud and proud and wish she was my friend.

As a sample of her delights, I put up for your amusement...Girl Fight Tonight.  Here's to you Julie Brown, you zany, sexy lady you.  You helped make me what I am today!

And for those of you wanting more, here's that clip I promised you earlier...