I Understand the Importance of Frequent Posting...

but what if I feel I have nothing of extreme import to say, except for the usual complaints and praisings...and stop.  Right there.  Negativity out.  I'm expelling you.  Instead, here comes a list of things I'm grateful for in my life, for your reading pleasure (And in no particular order)

I Am Grateful For...

1. Oprah Winfrey, and Lee Daniel's The Butler-  Yes, Lee Daniel's The Butler was manipulative and cliché at times, and the parade of celebrities playing political figures was a little ridick (that's not referencing THE CHRONICLES OF, but being an abbreviation of ridiculous) butit was many times extremely moving, and I was in tears through much of it, especially when it covers the strengths and travails of the Freedom Riders.  It's spiked my interest in learning more about this part of history, that for me is mostly comprised of a Quantum Leap episode and what I've heard on NPR.  Plus, Oprah was amazing. What she can do with one tiny narrowing of her eye.  I want to hug her, whether or not she would hug me back.

2. Discovering a friend of mine is friends with Charles Busch.  That man is a genius.  And so prolific.  He carved a niche in theatre and puts out things that are uniquely his own, that he is passionate about, and that makes people feel good.  The added treat that she said I had his same spirit was more than just icing.  It was cake filled icing.

3.  The reviewer saying I had "untouched good looks".  It doesn't happen all that often but when it does "I'm gonna ride that chocolate pony all the way to the bank", as my friend Kate says.

4.  My roommate.  He's a delight.  A kind, intelligent, soulful delight.

5.  My mother.  It's easy to take some things for granted, but I am constantly being reminded of how lovely she is.

6.  ZEUS IN THERAPY.  This has been such a challenging experience.  Lots of hours, lots of feeling like a novice at something I'm supposed to be pretty good at (if my above mentioned mother is any barometer) and a little wondering, after five and a half weeks of work with just the ten of us actors jiggling around and speaking poetry, "is this going to work?"  Well, the cast and crew have been so lovely, the audience and critics seem to really enjoy it, I really enjoy doing it, The Long Center is a dream, and I get to croon a sweet song written by Court Hoang.  Who could ask for anything more?  I'm also grateful to everyone who has come and supported me in this show.  It's meant a lot.

7.  My callback.  I got one.

8.  The book "The Secret Historian".  It's my current reading, and a window into a soul who thinks and does things very differently from me. 

9.  My friends, one of which came through and made a possibly stressful video audition into a smooth and easy peasy-macaroni and cheesy experience.  Yahoo.

So here's to all those blessings, those I haven't mentioned, and those that even now are heading my way.

Joe Hartman