"Stories We Tell"

Until today I was only familiar with Sarah Polley as a Canadian actress and I'm so glad I got over my sour grapes attitude which at least aided to my subconscious avoidance of her directorial debut, Away From Her,  and its follow-up, both of which have been critically praised.  Last month, however, I saw a preview for her latest film, a personal documentary which explored her family's history and the story of Sarah's birth that had long been joked about.  I was instantly drawn in, not by the possible salaciousness, as much as by a sense of longing and nostalgia for stories and people lost to us.

I found the complete film profoundly moving, and it has been playing in the back of my mind for the rest of the day and into the evening, needling and poking at me with it's not completely answerable questions about truth, and memory, and fairness.  It's playing at the Regal Arbor 8, and The Violet Crown here in Austin, and I highly recommend it.