1. It looks like I'm moving.  Again.  I've only been in my apartment for about a year, but a dear friend of mine is looking for a roommate, and so after thinking about it a little, I went with my gut AND my practical side and leapt.  Yes I enjoy living by myself and the privacy it provides.  But I also love my friend, and the fun we'll have, and the excitement of a new place to decorate and make home.  Life's too short to live stuck in a hobbit hole.

2.  I have a job tomorrow.  It's a one day temp assignment, and it's not amazing pay, but for the first time in a little over a month it allows me to put my foot back into the workd of the office.

3.  I finished writing a full-length screenplay.  It's something I've been working on for almost three years now, and I finally finished it.  Awhile back I was having trouble fixating on an idea to expand into a long form piece and then I finally remembered that I had something already in progress.  A story I was nearly finished with, but had deserted due to fears it wouldn't be brilliant.  Well, I went back to it and at 10:00 PM this evening, printed it out.  Halleluj.

4.  I don't know if I'm someone who can write much about relationships while I'm in them.  Baring thoughts and feelings, hopes and hesitations while I'm still sussing them out?  That doesn't seem like something to post in a blog, but to confide to friends.  Trust me, once those relationships are over, I feel like they are fair game, but until then... Suffice it to say that I've had a few dates with a nice guy, and I like him. 
Joe Hartman