Toasty Posting

Random Thoughts:
1.  New Girl is totally fucking underrated.  I've watched like twelve episodes in a row and I still love it.  And I love my new imaginary best friends,  And my imaginary hook-up Jake Johnson.

2.  Perks of Being A Wallflower is the best thing to watch when you are feeling a little blue.  It's so good it makes me laugh cry.  That's when you are trying so hard not to cry that you start laughing and then it turns into jagged tears.

3.  I don't care how young Ezra Miller is (20), I still want to lick him.

4.  Will someone PLEASE release the 1991 post-World War II drama Home Front on DVD??

5.  I miss Cedar Rapids, Iowa (my birthplace), land of Loose Meat Sandwiches, Happy Chef Restaurants, garage sales, blue skies to rival Santa Fe.
Joe Hartman