Ira Update

I mentioned several posts ago that my cat Ira, who's been with me for many years, has been experiencing major health issues and I was struggling with thoughts of putting him to sleep.  Opinions on the subject were varied, but most were leaning toward the unhhappy ending, and I was completely confused about what was best for him.   Emotions were up and down for about two weeks in conjunction with his health outlook.  And then, a a couple Tuesdays ago my vet became more hopeful that he might make it.  He was under the bed in hiding most of the day, but not all, and the fact that he was feeling at all sociable seemed to be a good sign, plus, the veterinary dentist had seen other cats with his condition recover, and he was taking food by syringe, so home he went.  

I syringe fed him three times a day, gave him pain meds twice a day, and injected fluids into him twice a day for several days.  It wasn't fun for either of us, but it got results, and I'm happy to report that he is back to his sassy, vocal self, sleeping on the bed rather than under it, and he is even drinking and feeding himself (though I'm still supplementing with the syringe so we can get his weight up closer to where it should be).  In short, he seems happy, and I'm glad I waited it out, as bleak as things were seeming for a while.  Thanks to everyone who gave their advice and well wishes, as they were sorely needed.

Joe Hartman