Calling all JILFs!!

I love Jewish men, and am obviously not the only one.  Shalom Life has posted their top 50 hottest Jewish men.  If you are also a fan of the JILF (Jew I'd like to fuck for those of you out of the loop, and this term is used by Shalom Life so I feel absolutely no guilt in using it) please check out...

Here are my top three (in no particular order):

1.  Ben Feldman (AKA Michael Ginsberg from Mad Men)

I don't actually know much about Ben Feldman himself, but his character in Mad Men is brilliant, artistic, outspoken, eccentric and adorable.  I just want to wrap my arms tight around him.

2.  Daniel Radcliffe

In interviews he's so articulate and open, beautifully liberal... From all I've read he has an amazing work ethic and dives whole-heartedly into anything he attempts.  Plus he's a very vocal advocate for gay rights. 

3.  Matt Heinz

He's an openly gay Doctor, a Democrat, a representative for Arizona and a current Congressional candidate.  Need I say more?