Summermoon Coffee Bar

When it comes to coffee shops I was until recently, strictly a Starbucks guy, and I felt (feel) dutifully guilty about it.  But I can't help liking the dark brown interiors, dim lighting, and cozy, yet clean and predictable wrap you up experience.  Other places seemed to revel in their unkempt glory.  They proclaim their shabbiness, roll around in it, shout it from the roof tops.  And if I did venture out to them their tables always seem chock full of the squatters who have been there for hours holding down one  spot, and scattering their belongings in a wide swathe to mark their territory, which usually  left me sitting outside with the smoker's on rusty lawn furniture, shielding my eyes from the sun  for as long as I can stomach it.

Yes, I'm a baby.  Yes, my friends occasionally call me Princess, but I'm ok with that.  I am who I am, and I do sometimes venture out of the castle to explore the surrounding kingdom, which is how a friend of mine and I discovered Summermoon Coffee Bar. 

The interiors are dark, woodsy and warm, the baristas friendly, there is liquor for those who want it, and from the moment you step in you feel enveloped by stone and wood peppered with orange and teal hues.  I ordered the "Summermoon Latte" which was like a velvety coffee flavored hot chocolate (probably due to the cream they use which is like melted vanilla ice cream) and they do offer the "Half Moon" latte for those who like it less sweet.  The place itself makes you feel like the owners care deeply about their craft, their shop, and yet it skirts feeling "precious".  In short, I highly recommend it.

Joe Hartman