Joan Crawford, paella, and Pepsi

Found this odd and oddly affecting promotional video for Pepsi from 1969, thanks to Lypsinka, by way of Michael Musto's blog  I know I'm supposed to laugh at it  for how bizarre it is by today's standards (and it is bizarre), but mostly I feel awash in the type of mid-century wonder and goodness that is like a balm to me.  It is a communion with the graceful power of Joan Crawford.  Like a mouthful of Wonder Bread and a sip of Pepsi, it makes me feel whole and, believe it or not, proudly American.  Thank you, Joan.  I'm glad that conventional housewife and mother let you borrow her daughter to take her on a tour of the grocery store and buy Spanish sausage.  I just wish it could have been me. 

In other news, I've changed the background.  I can't make up my mind, so expect it to change again once or twice more before I settle on something.  I admit to being a complete novice at this medium...hell, I can't even figure out why my royalty free photos from prior blogs have gone awol.  If you have thoughts or opinions, feel free to share 'em.