The Day Off

I took the day off today, which was much needed.  It started around 9 AM with breakfast tacos at Torchy's on William Cannon, outside under an umbrella.  I opened Moss Hart's "Act One" and devoured one of the chapters as I ate.  The people at the table next to me were from New York, early arrivals for ACL which begins this weekend.  I'd kind of forgotten that ACL's arrival meant sharing the town for a week with everyone who also think Austin is a delightful place to be this time of year.  It's the latest ACL has been in awhile, so I'm hoping the weather will be nice for them, as much as I hope the lawn at Zilker Park won't get mangled and muddied.  Somehow, though, no matter what city officials say, the lawn still gets destroyed.  I've never been to ACL, as I'm not into most of the music there, but I have a feeling if I actually jumped in and went I'd have an amazing time.  Maybe...

After breakfast I drove to that area just off the corner of 360 and the entrance to South Mopac.  I always pass it by and wonder what's there.  I know it's an entrance to the green belt, another place I've never been, and have always thought "someday", but today was the day.  And it was so peaceful. 

It's lovely to get away to a place that feels like it's miles away from everything even though it's nestled right in town.  I wandered down to the creek, sat for awhile, walked some more, and now I'm sitting in a Starbucks.  I'm devoting today to writing, to reading, to meditation (or meditative activities) and cleaning.  These are days that I think I'll love when I allow myself them, but when I actually have them it's tempting to misspend them and mope around, wondering why I'm doing this alone. 

But today!  Today is for me!  I'm going to do what I want.  I'm going to treat myself.  I'm going to make a list and complete it and I'm going to finish it off with friends watching Project Runway.  Out of the house, out with people, all good things in one blessed day.  It's gonna happen.  So here's my day as planned. 

1.  Twelve to twelve thirty, work on my current play.
2.  South Congress for lunch at the mighty cone and then a wander through Uncommon Objects.
3.  Pick up a kitty litter scoop at Petco (aren't you glad to know that?)
4.  Do laundry and clean for one hour.
5.  Vacuum.
6.  Shred old papers and mail.
7.  Work out at the gym.
8.  Head to Susan's for PR.
9.  Choose and iron clothes for work tomorrow.

I resolve to complete this list of things and proclaim this day-off a complete success!