Scattered Thoughts

So the guy that I'd been writing to, the one that I'd set a date with and then not heard from, wrote back today and apologized.  I don't completely buy his excuses, but am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and meet him for coffee tomorrow.  I'll update you later.

In other on-line dating news, I got a note from a very cute (far too young for me) guy right after I finished the last post.  He seems sweet and has no problems admitting his love of showtunes and Kristin Chenoweth in his profile, which was endearing, so we'll see.

The show tonight...second shitty show in a row.  I've just felt a little off and am not sure how to get back on track.  Maybe the rest will help me.

After the show I went to a birthday party at The Highball tonight where they had a Karaoke room.  I arrived way late and everyone else was drunk, singing badly and having a blast.  I tried to jump in and sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart" with the birthday girl, and when I finished the drunken guy who'd been monopolizing the mike screamed "Let's hear it for Meatloaf!"  While I can convince myself that I was growling in the style of Meatloaf and in the key of Meatloaf, I'm forever going to think he was calling me fat and I could have kicked him in the ballsack.  Twice.

Am really missing cable right about now and am wishing my roommate would return the broken cable box already.  She's the only one who can do it since the accounts in her name and I've now missed three weeks of "Mad Men" and the season finale of "True Blood".  Hell.
Joe Hartman