Request to the Universe

I've heard it said that to get what you want, you have to ask for it.  And in that spirit, I'm placing an order with the universe.  Something I've never really done before.  I mean, I'm looking for Mr. Right, so it's time to really put the request out there.  To give it out to the world and let it go, trusting that the order is already "being filled", as it were.  I mean if you don't ask, you can't get, right?
Dear God/Universe:

       The following is my request, made with an open and seeking heart, trusting that you hear me and that you who blesses me every day in so many ways, expected and unexpected, seen and unseen, have already sent the answer my way.  Please send me a mate who...

1.  When he walks into a room he brings joy in with him.

2.  He is positive, upbeat and caring.

3.  He loves children and animals and wants both.

4.  He appreciates the arts and admires those that create.

5.  He still looks at the world with wonder and sees the possibility.

6.  He has a car.

7.  He is outgoing and socially active.

8.  He reads.  A lot. 

9.  He has a pure heart.

10.  He believes in God and his faith is important to him.

11.  He is not a republican.

12.  He is out of the closet.

13.  He accepts my love of showtunes, Judy Garland, and mid-century pop music, and appreciates this music, too.

14.  He has a gentle manner.

15.  He smells wonderful.

16.  He is expressive of his emotions.

17.  He is unguarded and unjaded by the world with a sense of innocence about him.

18.  He loves roadtrips and unexpected adventures.

19.  He likes to get out and do things, not just movies, but street festivals, museums, antique stores, candle factories.

20.  He has soft lips.

21.  We light up when we see each other.

22.  He can tolerate cold weather.

23.  He loves people.

24.  He is creative.

25.  He is balanced in his feminine and masculine sides.

26.  He's politically active.

27.  He believes that everyone has a right to participate in the world and for their voice to be heard.

28.  He sometimes cries at movies.

29.  He has a good sense of direction.

30.  He's good with technology.

31.  He fights for what is right.

32.  He's loyal. 

33.  He's not ashamed to be naked.

34.  He's goal oriented.

35.  He gets along with my parents, but understands if I don't always.

36.  He's passionate.

37.  He's full of zeal.

38.  He loves and appreciates me just as I am, fluctuating weight and neuroses about it, and all.

39.  He supports all my artistic endeavors.

40.  He has a social life that does not need to include me.

41.  He's not allergic to, and loves my cat.

42.  He's good at sharing.

43.  He's relatively fit.

44.  He loves to travel.

45.  He's great at talking me down when I start to imagine the worst.

46.  He's honest.

47.  He laughs at my jokes.

48.  He holds my hand in public.

49.  He's a seeker.

50.  He has beautiful eyes.

51.  He's good with money.

52.  He's a great cook.

53.  He loves to do little thoughtful things for me, and loves it when I reciprocate.

54.  He's full of light, and hope.

55.  He's socially adept.

56.  He's perceptive.

57.  He appreciates the beauty of nature.

58.  He loves to go camping and hiking.

59.  He's a non-smoker.

60.  He has a strong sense of whimsy and doesn't care what people say about him.

61.  He loves Disneyland.

62.  He has a strong spiritual side.

63.  He is open.

64.  He is completely and undeniably, physically and emotionally attracted to me and unafraid to communicate that.

65.  He will sit with me and watch old movies or repeats of "I Love Lucy".

66.  He is monogamous.

Most of those physical preferences that change with the wind, I leave them up to you.    I will try to be patient.  I trust that this prayer is already answered.  And I will work hard for this relationship as I know that every successful relationship takes trust and open, honest communication, and work.
Joe Hartman