It's the day of the show, y'all!

Well it's here.  Opening night.  And as always seems to happen, everything has come together in the last few days, and I declare with zeal, "I'm Ready!".  It's definitely been a lot to get used to what with the addition of the set, final props being added, the full costume (which has evolved quite a bit from the jerry rigged costume in earlier photos posted) which is very lovely and completes the picture of Linda as the glammed out chicken/best friend of Emory's dreams.
Let's take a moment to discuss.  I've done drag a few times before, and this is probably the most complex of the costumes I've worn.  First I put on the tights and fishnets, then take off my shirt and put on the feather covered corset.  Next  comes a pair of yellow harem pants.  Next I step into the yards of tulle that makeup the train/bustle.  Over that goes a marabou trimmed skirt.  Add gold gloves trimmed in yellow feathers, heels and headdress.  Finally I sit down and the amazing Amelia works on me for about an hour, painting feathers on my face and neck, adding the lashes and dusting my chest, arms and back with gold glitter.  It's a real fun look, but there is a lot of it, which leaves me feeling a bit like a float in the gay pride parade.  And navigating the stairs, ladder, climbing on "hay bales" takes some getting used to.

But last night's performance just felt wonderful.  Were there a couple technical glitches, yes, but I felt connected to the other actors, to the character, confident in my blocking and scenic bits, good with the choreography, and was able to take my time, make some new choices and add the layers which will help Big Ole Linda breathe.

We haven't had any previews, so this is one of the first shows I've done in a while where the first night with an audience actually happens on Opening night, and I have to say I am very excited!