Cathy Dresden by Andrew Werner, AHW_6132-min.jpg


Cathy Dresden, the plucky, big hearted girl singer of the 50’s, first came to America’s attention through her appearances on everyone’s favorite televised talent show, “Tony Polanko’s Nationwide Hour of Power”.  Her full throated voice and gentle demeanor endeared her to viewers across the country and made her a three-time winner eligible to compete in the Grand Prize Championship”. 

While Cathy did not take home the ultimate prize of $2,000 (losing to Teeny-Tina’s Tiny Triplets”, America’s sweetheart Siamese triplette plate spinners) the exposure it won her jumpstarted her singing career and allowed her to embark on her “Butterchurn Tour” of the dairy states.  But while she considers America's farmer's the "true backbone of this great country", this former small town girl is thrilled to be in Manhattan, singing and swinging the hits of today's songsmiths like Harold Arlen, The Gershwins,  Cole Porter, and more!.